What is Physical Therapy?
Physical Therapy is a healthcare profession concerned with the prevention and management of movement disorders arising from conditions or disease occurring throughout the lifespan.

Who can benefit from Physical Therapy?
Anyone of any age can benefit from Physical Therapy. Therapist treat a wide variety of diagnoses which can be viewed on our Services web page link.

How do I get a Referral for Physical Therapy?
A referral for Physical Therapy can come from any practicing physician of medicine, nurse practitioner, or chiropracter.

Can I CHOOSE who I want to go to for Physical Therapy?
When someone receives an order for Physical Therapy, they may go to any Physical Therapist they would like. The referral pad that the prescription is written on is good at any Physical Therapy Clinic.

How long is my referral for Physical Therapy good for?
Most referrals are good for a one month time period. After that amount of time expires, a return visit to your physician is needed.